Blocs and Pulse CMS

I’d like to use Pulse CMS to maintain my blog with Blocs.

I watched the blog/blocs video and found it helpful. I would like more guidance however on how to make page templates in blocs for Pulse CMS. Specifically, the blog page where all the posts are, and then the actual individual blog page itself.

Can anyone offer some tips and advice?

Thank you

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I think you’ve seen this one already!

We have a video adding a Blog to Blocs2:

There’s also this:

@DerekDigital made his blog layout in Blocs:

In Blocs you can set all the stylings (fonts, colours etc). the blog layout is dictated by Pulse and there are some controls in settings but in most cases it would be a front page listing a number of blog articles then individual sub pages.

Was there any particular style you were hoping for?

Thanks @pulsecms Yes, I’ve watched both.

No particular layout but just some more documentation on how to set it all up, the blog that is.
So basically place the Pulse CMS blog bric on the blog page in blocs and then go to pulse to edit it?

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Great - thanks for watching @jbh

So basically place the Pulse CMS blog bric on the blog page in blocs and then go to pulse to edit it?

Yes that’s it :slight_smile:

Place the Pulse CMS blog bric on the blog page in blocs; export the template; add the export to your Pulse install; then go to Pulse and edit it.

This will add an empty/dummy Blog to your page. Then go into your Pulse install and most likely delete the test posts and start creating your own new posts.

Ok thanks @pulsecms

I have many TotalCMS posts (from RW) that I would be bringing over. Will this work with the blog post import feature?

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It should… be depends how it has been setup. The best thing to do is try it.

Exceptions were made with further capabilities added for importing RW standard Blog and Armadillo blogs - but worth testing.

You can test it from the online demo or just install yours on a test server and add your TotalCMS blog and see what happens :slight_smile:

I am only interested in having pulse cms operate my blog. The rest of my website will not be editable.

For this, are there any changes in the setup I should be aware of?

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Thanks - not really. But to make it easier for you in the Pulse admin > settings you can:

  • Make Blog the first page of the admin when you login - so easier to just focus on the Blog
  • De-select any other Blocks you might have made so only the Blog is editable by the Editor

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