Blocs Contact Form not working, so advice needed

Hi. I’m after some advice now that I’ve got my Blocs 2.6 site to work with Pulse CMS 5.1.

After testing the site over the past few days, the one final glitch I face is that the Contact form on this page, which was created in Blocs, isn’t working. When I press the [Submit] button, the thanks dialogue box that is supposed to appear doesn’t, the page refreshes back to the top, and the email isn’t sent or doesn’t arrive. However the same contact form works just fine in CushyCMS.

I’ve already posted this issue on the Blocs forum, to raise awareness. But my question to the Pulse CMS forum is should I delete the form created in the Blocs app and replace it with one built directly within Pulse? Is that a smarter way to go?

Looking at the past, locked threads, on this forum I see that @cao faced a similar problem in August 2017, but unfortunately there is no definitive answer there on how to resolve it.

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As mentioned over there it could be a path issue:

Yes if you delete the form and use the standard form in Pulse it will work - assuming your server is setup to send emails etc which sounds like it is.

That said I don't think @cao solved that issue. He had 2 forms on the page (one from Pulse) and both wouldn't send so seemed like a server side thing.

Not sure how the Blocs form works but looks like you are posting to the template page:

   ` <form template-path="/template/" id="edinburgh_page_form_1" novalidate success-msg="Thanks! Your message has been successfully sent to us. We&rsquo;ll read it and respond to it as soon as we can." fail-msg="Sorry it seems that our mail server is not responding, Apologies for the inconvenience! However, you can always telephone [gawr-juhs] on +44 131 226 1464.">`

Is that correct?

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