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Hello Forum,

I do my first steps in Blocs and PulseCMS, it’s very cool and easy (if I know how it works and if I found a documentation/manual/how to/guide).

I installed the PulseCMS Template (v. 5.2) and it works fine for me. After this I create my own Blocs-Site and export it as a Pulse CMS Thema (Pulse 5). Copied the contents of the folder (content/template) and didn’t overwrite the folder itself, because otherwise the .htaccess is gone and it has to be recreated.

My first page with the blog overview looks good and has all from Blocs (layout, color, fonts, etc.). But if I click the Blog entry, the blockpage itself has nothing from this.

My question is now, how can I setup this. I found this in the Blocs Forum. I mean is there a howto/document/manual/guide that I can read for the basic settings.

Thanks for your help.


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The single blog post pages should take the styles from your master theme/template…

@squareclouds-design and @DerekDigital have done this before.

Can you share a URL?

There are a couple of videos here:

Is you single blog page looking like no CSS loading at all? Please share a link.

hi all,

well, i havent used blocs in a long long time to be honest. but i started using it today again, though without blog functionality. i cant recall having tested what you are experiencing, andreas, but michael seems to remember :smiley: so sadly i cant support with a link, i think i might have tested it and deleted from the server.

as he said, technically, since all pages use the same layout.php it should load all necessary definitions. unless you are using a subtemplate for the blog page?

PS: i checked your link, apparently it actually worked for me, but i remember deleting my bloc tests 1-2 months ago. i just checked, the folder is gone. let me try it again later.

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Hello @pulsecms and @squareclouds-design,

I didn’t have the right settings (webhoster) and it wasn’t working when I set it up in a subfolder (eg. url/pulsecms) on my server.

After reading both of your posts, I was create everything new from the ground up:

  • upload Pulsecms5.2.1 Template to my server (root directory /url)
  • create my site with Blocs 3.0.6 (add a new container with Pulse CMS)
  • set the setting (Object -> from Block to Blog, assign a Block ID)
  • create and apply a class to this container
  • save and export the Blocs Project (File -> Export -> Export as… -> Pulse CMS Theme - > Pulse 5)
  • full overwrite the folders on my server (Container and Template)
  • Initialise my page url/admin/install.php
  • did my individual settings under url/admin

And now it works. The style (single blog post page) is the same as in the blog post page itself.

The next step is to implement the images. At the moment it works only with the text and not with the images. But this week I have no time for this. I will do it next week.

Thank you very much for your help. This was helping me a lot.

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Thanks for your update @AndreasN and glad to hear it :slight_smile:

To add images to your posts - you can add via the Media folder or using the Editor add the images that way. Click on the Media icon and select the image from your HD and it will upload it into the post and also place it in your Media folder.

There’s a little info on images here and also more in the manual.

Let us know how it goes!

Thank you very much for the links @pulsecms :thumbsup: everything works fine.

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