Blocs Pulse Workflow - uploading new Version of the template

I have a newbie question, but maybe somebody can give me a short answer.
I built the website for our theatre in blocs then converted it into Pulse5 Template, so that my colleague can edit the content. Now if I change something in Blocs and upload the new template, is there a simple way to make sure that the work of my colleague is not overwritten or is the only way to take care that the blocks-folder is not uploaded.

thank you

You can easily duplicate your blocs and work on it. Otherwise the new template will overwrite the previous one.


Yes further to what @sharif said - the template will overwrite so look out for that.

As long as the Blocks-folder is not overwritten, your colleagues’ work will remain in tact. If Blocs app has added new stuff to your exported Blocks folder - then just put that on the server too (merge) and it will work :slight_smile:

Always take a backup before uploading and should be fine.

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