Blocsapp and Pulse question

When I watch the demo site after upload, then pulse created a blog page and there are for example social icons and a search field etc …

But, when I create a site in blocs and there I do a page called blog and wrap the container into pulse and change it to blog and do an upload , then I see the example blogs on my page - with the design ( footer / header ) …
but I do not see for example the social icons.
I know there is a tag but how can I put this inside my blocs page ? Or must so do this inside the pulse dashboard?
Thanks for your help

@AndreasN did it work for you ?
Thanks Tom

That’s a good question @tom2 At the moment I don’t have a computer to try it out for you (I can do it earliest, next Wednesday).

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I imagine it would be best to add it inside the dashboard @tom2 - it will only need adding once.

But good question and interesting to see what @AndreasN has done

Hi @AndreasN
thanks for your answer …

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Hi @tom2, sorry for my late replay.

Which icons do you mean directly? If I embed icons in Blocs and export my page, it will be shown to me. Which version of Pulse do you use? And which icons do you mean there, directly on the demo page? Sorry, at the moment I don’t really understand the issue correctly. But that’s not up to you, it’s up to me.

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Thanks @tom2 - is this referring to “social icons” like Facebook, Twitter etc share buttons?

If so, have you got the {{social}} tag in the sidebar or content of your Blog?

This will show the social icons.

Please see here: around pg 28 :slight_smile:

Hi @pulsecms and @AndreasN
Sorry for the delay. When I watch the demo site by pulse there is a site called blog. And when I watch the site inside the dashboard I see things called for example search / or social and so on. And when I look the page and click the blog heading I see the single blog with all that stuff ( social and so on )
When I do my page inside blocsapp and there I have a page called blog then it replace the default blog page after export and upload. Then I see my blog and it works , but when I click the single blog I don’t have that things for example search and social things …
How can I put the social tag inside my blog page? When I open the site in the dashboard and use the social tag the icons are at the bottom of the left corner …have I put it in a div or something else?
Hard to explain :thinking:

Do you have a link @tom2?

Do you want the tags somewhere else? You can paste that Social Tag wherever you want them (or the Blog page or in each blog post)

Let us see an example or some screens and then someone might be able to help with a little more detail.


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