Blocsapp and Pulsecms 4 Columns

I have in Blocsapp a Row with 4 columns. And my Client want to change each of the 4 columns. In Each column I write Field1 / Field2 / Field3 / Field4 for testing.
So I wrap the ROW in Pulsecms and when I logged in to the dashboard I see that:

And when I now want to change for example the Field4 Text and use the Backspace and wrote something else, the Text is not in the 4 Column ...
Because I don´t see the Columns inside the bloc ... :thinking:

Is there a way to change that ? I need 4 Columns and this really often. Each ROW is separate with a divider ... I want to use it for a list of events ...and the client want to change it, because the events change :slight_smile:
any ideas ?

You have to use a separate PulseCMS bric in each column/row. Wrapping the whole row in PulseCMS bric won't do anything.

  • If you are trying to make an editable "table" - there is the option to add a table inside the the Pulse editor. Just add one Pulse area (1 row, 1 column), and add the table from inside the Pulse editor, and you can choose how many columns and rows there

Hi @Raimo
thanks for your answer ... I dont get it to work. When I use the table function inside pulse and type a text inside I can't delete the text ...?!? Once the text is there I can't change ...If I click delete the whole table gone away ...And also the table are not split over the, for example 1200 pixels ...
looks like this:


Are this working when you try it??
thanks for your help

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