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Hello forum users,

I try something with PulseCMS and want to create a blog. The blog should be named Techwiki instead of blog. Changed, no problem.

The following URL is formed when I click the post:


With the breadcrump, however, the following is displayed:

home »techwiki-1-Suchmaschine-Zugriff-mit-nginx-sperren

How can you change that? Maybe I would like to jump from the post back to the main blog view. In addition, the name can be changed so that only the contribution name is displayed.

It should look like this:

home »techwiki» Suchmaschine Zugriffmit nginx sperren

Has anyone ever set such a thing? I would be very grateful for your hifle.

Kind regards

With the demo site I have the blog under:

So my test article is:

As you mentioned you can change the “blog” name to anything such as “news” so it would become:

So at the moment it’s the blog “prefix”

With the breadcrumb, are you talking about in the site front end or the backend?


This request was published in issues_82

// If admin setings: Blog URL prefix: news
// \pulsecore\tags\breadcrumb.php
// replce all string “blog” to setings:“url_prefix”

Read the whole issue.

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It Works, Thanks! :grinning:

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