Blog - can we have facility to show extract in blog list?

This would be really useful. Horrid ol’ Wordpress has it as does Perch.
I am talking about being able to put a full blog post together with lots of picture and all, but on the blog page just show a snippet of this - size of which can be configured. Or do as WP does and have a separate field for the snippet so that what is displayed on the blog page is an excerpt of the actual post.

Also, I have just discovered that one cannot put a gallery tag into a blog post. Why is this? It would be useful for clients to be able to add a neat way to display pictures within a post.

Thanks @jdloudon

I think for that you could use the "read more" link - you can add it wherever you want so like your WordPress example, it shows an excerpt of the post:

Use this in your post:

Gallery tags work fine in blog posts. See the demo here site:

Perhaps you are using an integration such as RapidWeaver Stacks?
That can't currently handle it but updating for RapidWeaver Stacks coming shortly :slight_smile:

Hello, thanks for reply. Yup, I only just spotted that ##more## tag - thats perfect.

As for gallery in blog, it does seem to work perfectly in my 4.7 sites, but not one that is running 4.5.2

here is the page: - look atthe bottom of the page to see what it is doing.

I guess the answer is update it!

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Thanks @jdloudon

Yeah - making the videos will help this. Will look at specialising them on a trick here and there so that features and better highlighted.

I think that blog has some CSS overriding the images in the blog posts.

Targeting the Gallery thumbs specifically could make it better. So something like:

.blog-wrap .gallery img {
width: auto;

Seems to make it better. Add that to your template style.css and maybe play around with the margin + width until it’s a size you are happy with :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!

It certainly does help - thanks so much.
Kind regards

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When I understand well, there is a problem with the gallery.
Try the modified script, it helped me.

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