Blog corrupt due to poorly named file

client created a new blog file and put tons of characters and special characters in it thinking he was giving a blog title not a blog file name (so, rather than naming it something like: “blogpost.txt” they named it something crazy like: “this is my second blog post, hope you enjoy it!”)

anyway, that oddly named blog file then became inaccessible in pulsecms admin. it could not be edited or deleted.

SO, since this is a flat-file CMS, i figured if i deleted the file from the blog content directory, it would at least remove it from the website.

well, it did not remove it from the public-facing blog AND it screwed up the blog page and is now outputting “administrative data” and showing floppy disk icons to all users (as if it were trying to let them edit inline.)

it also seems i can’t add any new blog posts. i can add them in admin, but, they never appear on the site.

any clues on how to fix this?!

what files can be deleted/edited to “reset” the blog to a “default”/blank state?


First, try editing the text file using ftp.
Search for file: "content / blog / this is my second blog post, hope you enjoy it! .Txt.
Rename this text file.
Edit this text file in a text editor.
Edit end of continuous JSON:
For example:
, “title”: “this is my second blog post,” “url”: “this-is-my-second-blog post,” "JSON_END

this is my second blog post, hope you enjoy it!

, “title”: “my new name”, “url”: “my-new-name”} JSON_END

my new name

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Thanks again @chad for this report.

  • we can’t replicate this. The filtering is removing the strange characters and I can delete the entry
  • if someone is logged in then the inline editor will show on the non-admin pages, so it might be that.

Otherwise we’ll need to take a look at the logs, maybe site and see what’s going on.


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