Blog items outsite of blog folder (non pulse site)

Hi Michael,

If I want to display the latest 3 or 4 blog items of a blog, on a front page of a site (non-Pulse site), what do I need in the .htaccess file? I can't seem to get to the blog post when I click on the title...

I want a sidebar of latest headlines on the main page (root) folder of the website.
Pulse is installed in /Pulse, and the Blog is located in /Blog.

When I view the blog from the /Blog folder, all the links work (eg:

But, if I click on a blog title from the main page, the link is:

so it's missing the /blog/ folder, and just redirects to my main page...



  • how are the items displaying on the front page? How did you embed them? Are you using an RSS embed of some kind? Are you using RapidWeaver?
  • if installed in a sub folder try and change L7 of the htaccess?
    # RewriteBase / to RewriteBase /Pulse/
  • can you share a link or anymore information?


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