BLOG OUTAGE after pulse upgrade

upgraded from 5.3.8 to 5.3.10. just to try and address the numerous blog issues we were experiencing (cited in .9 and .10 here: )

BUT, now the blog and sub-blogs refuse to load at all!!!

all it does it show our home page; even though it shows the blog URL?!?

To see in failure action - see this link where blog is currently returning homepage:

before the upgrade, the blog page looked like this:

HELP! this is a government site providing breaking news on the pandemic!! Please help!! We really need it to work!

ok - at least got it parsing the blog again - we had to rerun setup to bring the blog/subblogs back to life.

BUT - the blog pagination links and tagged blog content links are STILL not working properly, even after the upgrade to .10 release.

Plus, clicking on the most recent sub blog (named "news" on our site) entry on this page:

claims it is taking you to the content located here:

it shows that article-specific URL properly and everything...

but, if you click on it, you will see it actually is displaying the content from main blog's current entry, which is here:

NOTE: my guess is the reason the install needed to be run to even start the blog parsing again was because pulse is installed in a non-default folder. (We install to a subfolder named "see".) Running the install after the upgrade must have fixed some config file(s) pathing to help pulse understand where it lives. Is it possible all these other blog issues with paginations and tags and incorrect content links cited above are just because some config(s) is/are looking for the default install path rather than the custom path?

for example, i know a year or more ago, pagination wasn't working right for lots of users because of path issues. anyone have some insight as to what/where pagination is controlled and how to verify it is looking at the correct path? any other ideas to fix all these blog issues we are encountering? Thanks!!!

more help, please?!?!

another new issue since upgrading: the admin user can add new blog posts, but, the editor user can't.

the admin user can log into the admin dashboard and choose:
blog > new and it takes the admin to:
where they can create a new blog/subblog post.

but, when the editor user tries to go to that link, it forces them to:

any clue on how to get our editor user working so they can access/add/deltee blogs posts again? thanks!!!

Thanks for this @chad

Plus, clicking on the most recent sub blog (named "news" on our site) entry on this page:

The 'News' doesn't seem to do anything on our end when clicked. Could you be referring to this link?


As for the Editor unable to post a new entry, this is currently a known issue which we are working on.

thanks for the response. our biggest concern right now is the broken editor user. any estimated time to fix the know bug of an editor user not being able to post to the blog?

as for the "news" link you sent, no - that is not an issue; (that news parent menu element is just a design element and is NOT to be clickable; only "in the news" and "blog" are clickable.)

there ARE however several other blog issues outlined in our previous post above, (such as blog pagination and links going to the wrong post,) as well as some new issues we've noticed, such as any "tagged" blog topics hyperlinks are failing as well.(see the failing tagged topics at the bottom of this page:

Hi @chad yes, the issue with Editor not being able to create a new blog post is a known issue which is currently being fixed by our team.

With regards to the link being redirected to the wrong page, is there any error logs you could send us so that we can check it out on our end as well?

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