{{blog-show:en_blog}} (Beta release)

I created 3 different blog folders with some entries.
Used {{blog-show:en_blog}} to publish the blog on a blog page.
When I try to read the complete post (by clicking the Title) I get a blank page and not the isolated post.
Any help is appreciated.

Hi @Bvdn, could you send a screenshot of the full tag? We will look into this.

Also, please feel free to take a look at the following documentation: http://docs.pulsecms.com/1.0/getting-started/basic-usage-blogs

I don’t have any screen shot.
I started over again :wink: I installed the beta release
But you can look at: https://paardensleutelhanger.nl/blog
And try to click a title or the read more button. You got a blank page
And you want to get the full read

Hi Bvdn

Not sure if I can help you but here is my response. I have been successful on accessing your Admin section using the default password. I see you have loaded v5.4.0.

When I look at Account | Debug Info | Log Viewer and review the "error_log_2022_07_25"
I see PHP Deprecated responses. If you have access to the server hosting control panel I would recommend you try an other version of PHP. Pulse in my experience does rely on later versions!

Strength to your arm! Cheers John

In other words - before trying Pulse features like BLOG's make sure the initial install is working. The give away to me was the incredible slow load for the home page and the style sheets being absent, etc.

Hi Ace, thanx for your reply. I am using php 8.1 in combination with the beta pulse 5.4. Because I want to develop in php 8 and had some time to spare to start with the beta. I read somewhere that the beta is in php 8, but maybe I am wrong. I depreciate php to 7.4 and look what’s happening. I guess your absolutely right to get the installation working properly first :wink: I will check in later.

I changed the php to 7.4 and it looks like its working much beter. Bummer I thought the beta was php 8 ready ;-(

We are working on this now to fix it so it will run with php 8. Thank you.

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Update: We released a very early beta version for PHP8. Please see the announcement if you want to try it.