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Hi everyone… new Pulse user here, and I’m struggling with blogs in a Rapidweaver Foundry theme site.

I have a site under development which will have a blog page, using the MAIN blog root of Pulse… I haven’t configured the page in Rapidweaver for the main blog, but there are default blog posts already set up.

I have created a sub-blog, called news, and created 6 dummy blog posts…

I want to use the ‘news’ sub-blog on the front page, in a side bar, with just 2 or 3 of the latest news stories for the client, so I’m trying to use the Blog-List tag…

I’m having great trouble with the tags because there seems to be discrepancies in the usage…


{{blog-show:"news":"[[blog-content-loop(<<blog-item-author>> <<blog-item-date>> <<blog-item-featured-image>> <<blog-item-content>> <<blog-item-tag>>)]]"}}.

You’ll notice that blog-list uses the name “blog/news” for the blog - ie: the blog folder, followed by the sub-blog folder name… because it doesn’t work the same with blog-show tag, as that only requires the sub-blog folder name, not the root folder - this is on the same page!

In my blog-list tag, I’ve specified 3 recent posts, but they’re all being displayed, and even if I remove any of the title, author, or date tags, they’re still displayed… Is blog-list fully implemented yet?

If the page I’m displaying these on are in a subfolder “home” on the server, should I have

"RewriteBase /home" 

in my .htaccess file? If I do, then I click on the blog title (when displaying a sub-blog), it refreshes the window, but loses the theme and just displays text and broken image placeholders…

But… if I leave it as

RewriteBase / 

when displaying a sub-blog the page refreshes, still doesn’t display the actual blog post, but at least it still draws the theme backgrounds and navigation etc…

BUT - if I’m displaying the MAIN blog, leaving ReWrite Base / won’t display the blog post content when I click on the title of a main blog-post… it will only show the content IF I set change the ReWriteBase to /home

Any help really appreciated…

Thanks in advance,


Sub blogs aren’t currently working in a RW styled page. Sorry for that, we are working on it.

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aaah… I’ve been pulling my hair out for two days wondering why I couldn’t understand it… At least I know then! :slight_smile:

I’ll leave that idea for a bit longer then before I try to implement it…

I do have some suggestions regarding the formatting of blog posts/lists etc, I’ll stick those in the Feature Requests section…


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The integration stack gives you hell of settings therefore :slight_smile:

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Yes - I looked at the available options in the integration stack Jannis, but it only allows changes to the font size, and text alignment (and colour) of the title and metadata items - not change the <h2> tags to <p> so we can choose our own custom font etc… Hopefully it won’t be too long until sub-blogs are supported with Rapidweaver sites…


An option to change from h2 to p would have to be added in Pulse directly.

One trick I use with Pulse stacks to have control over font sizes, and font types is drop them into a “Styler Stack” - I use Joe Workman’s “Letterpress Box Stack” a lot for this, (and the “Freestack R Styler” stack), then you can control the H2 (or whatever) from there. There are a ton of font Styler Stacks out there (including instacks “CustomFont” stack) which should work as well

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I’ll give that a try Raimo, once I’ve got it all running - thanks!

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