Blog tags order

Hi, have started using Blog Tags on our live site 5.03 and the test on 5.1 and we cannot figure out what the deal is with the tags list.
Why are they not listed alphabetically, or even by popularity? They seem to be all over the place!

Hi James, nice website!
What you you mean in detail with blog tags, how you order them in a good way for looping through your blog list?
Cheers, Jannis

I mean that tags should be in alphabetical order.
Or else that those with the most references at the top.
They are just random now.
Ideally they would be like the tag cloud in Wordpress so that the more popular tags are bigger size.
But I dont expect Pulse to copy Wordpress!

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I guess the tags are listed in the order of first appearance.

Thanks @jdloudon - alphabetical order is a great idea :slight_smile:
Will try and get this in the next BETA update of 5.1

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This is added into Pulse 5.1BETA2 - thanks for the idea @jdloudon!