Blog URL problem between 5.3.2 and 5.3.5

I upgraded from 5.3.2 straight to 5.3.5 (release) a few days ago.. I'd missed versions .3 and .4 due to being away.. but since upgrading to 5.3.5, the blog no longer works...

The blog list will show, but I notice that the URL's to the actual blog posts contain an extra /blog/ - so where the URL would read


Instead it reads:


Any idea what's causing this - is it a bug in one of the scripts or do I need to edit the rewrite rules in my htaccess files?



Hi Jason, I have the same problem.

Yes, I too am desperate ... :tired_face:
Because it is very easy to use for customers I work with sub-blogs.
Now I have changed from 5.3.2 to 5.3.5 (freshly installed, no changes) but no matter which spelling I use with blog-show (really all tested from the manual!), I can not see the sub-blogs. No. That really frustrates me a lot. At the moment I have no version with which I can satisfy my customer!
Does someone have a solution?

Also, if I include a gallery {{gal: gallery1: 1: yes}} in {{recentposts_visual: "3": "blog": "true": "150"}} it will disappear ? That's pretty stupid, because that's what I liked a lot and I used it a lot - it would be nice if that would happen again!
Sorry, I was out of action for a long time - have only come back to work ...

Are you using the RW integration?

It is a Rapidweaver site - blog directory is /blog from the root, pulse is installed in /pulse from the root...

I've tried toggling the Integrate Rapidweaver setting in the admin/settings, but can't see ANY difference at all.. there's no documentation on that feature either (yet)..

No, pure pulses. Local and tested on the server.

Send you a test version of the stack. Please let me know if this works for you.

@Martin3 same version I have send you.

works perfectly :ok_hand: :+1:


Ok - so it now corrects the URL in that it only shows one /blog/ - eg: localhost/blog/ but clicking on a blog title results in http 500 error...

Php errors and htaccess content in a private message please

Will this also fix "blog tags" and "Recent Posts" not going to the proper URL's anymore?

I think this is also not working in core Pulse 5.3.5.

I think you are correct - "blog tags" don't work in core Pulse 5.3.5, but what about "Recent Posts"?

  • I have "Recent Posts" working in Blocs/Pulse 5.3.5, but not Rapidweaver/pulse.

btw - I do have this up on GitHub as well.

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These should be fixed in 5.3.7 - thanks for reporting them in the bug tracker!