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Trying to do a blog. It looks right, when you login you can create new blog posts, but when you go to the site, the first page looks ok, when you hit the scroll to go to the 2nd set of blog posts, it's blank.

Thanks @kbclovett

This seems fixed in 3.3.0 of Blocs

  • Fixed Pulse CMS issue that caused images and links to become broken when Pulse CMS is installed in a sub directory on the server.

Well, moved some stuff around and it's kind of working, but looks really strange. Images there I did not add. And you never get back to the main page?

I just updated to 3.3.x and its doing the same thing. Even tried it on a new domain, still does it there.

Should not be this hard.

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Hi ...
I think the problem is:
when you set in Blocsapp a blog, and for example you want to see 5 posts and then click on a blog post to read more you will see the whole blog post. But when you click the Back button you will landing on the main page of the blog posts and not at the same place where you click "read more". and then its not so easy to came back to the main page ...
So ( I think ) the solution is, when it is possible to link the back button where ever you want ...
Is this possible ?

Thanks @kbclovett

  • do you have a link to your Blocs site?

  • what images? Are these the stock images in the Pulse demo? Can you share the link?

  • Blogs in Blocs sub sites should be working. I think @tom2 and @Raimo can confirm?
  • is this the same issue as @tom2 mentions? The "back" button works but takes you to the main blog page? Or are you saying it never goes back?

The Blog back button was fixed to not just go to the root - become pagination aware - in Pulse 5.3.1:

Are you using this version or higher?


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I think the problem that @kbclovett has is that:
When you export from bloc as a pulse theme and than do an upload on the server and overwrite the contant and template folder,then the original files from pulse stay still there ... ( now it’s the pulse files and your files )
I do it like this:
I delete the contant and template folder first and than put my exported folders on the server ...then I only have files that I have created ...only one blog post you have to delete...

I think @kbclovett what’s you see that is the featured image ( content / media / featured image ) you can overwrite the file with a picture or when you do it like I do the picture was deleted ....

And yes, sub sites works ...
Sorry for my bad English :blush:

2 Likes is one site, is another domain I'm just testing it in. I had expected the blog to look consistent as you scroll thru the blog posts, kind of like an iframe, however once you click to see the 2nd page of blog posts, you go to I'm guessing the Pulse Looking blog pages, which are not consistent with the way the rest of the site looks. I guess it works, but it's not pretty.

Yes @kbclovett that is not right:

The site should be keeping the same styles and design

so for example, vs

Searching the Pulse forum it seems to be have been reported before (the blog post page not having the same style as the main blog page) and this is the solution:

Please follow the workflow as stated there (ignoring the version numbers):

After reading both of your posts, I was create everything new from the ground up:

  • upload Pulsecms5.2.1 Template to my server (root directory /url)
  • create my site with Blocs 3.0.6 (add a new container with Pulse CMS)
  • set the setting (Object -> from Block to Blog, assign a Block ID)
  • create and apply a class to this container
  • save and export the Blocs Project (File -> Export -> Export as… -> Pulse CMS Theme - > Pulse 5)
  • full overwrite the folders on my server (Container and Template)
  • Initialise my page url/admin/install.php
  • did my individual settings under url/admin

And now it works. The style (single blog post page) is the same as in the blog post page itself.

Let us know if that works :slight_smile:

I'm on the lates blocs, 5.3.1 of Pulse. I'll give it a shot.

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Hi @kbclovett and @pulsecms
I had the same problem. The solution in my project:
The page inside blocsapp where you put the blog container can have any name - for example homepage ...
But than also create a site called blog ( not use for example news or something else. Call it blog with the same design ( header / footer ) and also do a blog container ( same ID as the container at the startpage ...
Do that help?
What is the name of you blog site?


I've got a demo here and what PulseCMS said to do above did not work. I went thru this about 3 times, erasing everything, apply a class, I got the same result every time. So I started looking at the pages folder in the content folder. On a hunce, I backed up blog.txt and copied home.txt to blog.txt. My thought here was when I clicked next in the blog, it went to blog.txt for the next page format.

Well, my copy of home.txt would now be what I go to when I clicked on next in the blog. And it works perfectly.

However, for a template exported from blocs that should work with pulse, I keep finding I have to do these work-a-rounds and it takes a lot of time.

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Glad you found the solution!

Maybe the best work around is what @tom2 mentions above?

I think this makes sense as you have the Blog on the homepage?

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