Bloks read more

Hi, what is the easiest way to make a read more in bloks

thanks in advance

Thanks @ivy

Is this for the Blog?

Truncating Posts

If you wish to truncate a post and only reveal a portion of it and have the rest hidden with a ‘Read More’ button, just add the following tag anywhere in your post.


There is also a shortcode insert for this in the Editor panel (button)

Or are you wanting a hide/reveal in your Blocks?

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Hi , thank you for your answer Mr Pulsecms
I find out in the manual about ##more## for the blog
but I was wondering if there is a similar way to hide certain portion of the text using blocks
I tried with coding but it wasn’t working for me

I did hide and reveal using stacks, but is there a simple coding that I can use
to make it look like blog read more ?

Thank you in advance

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Great @ivy - and yes using a Stack in RapidWeaver could help you achieve this for sure.

Pulse doesn’t have this as a built-in plugin. Maybe someone might make it one day? :pray:

You could easily make something in a Block and add this CSS/JS to the META of the page:

Some other similar tutorials:

Hope it works out!

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