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So I have downloaded the latest version of Pulse5 and played around creating a template in Blocs 2.5. I had already issues with links that weren’t working in the installation package and thought it would be easier to begin from scratch.

I am working on a MacOS and a local server environment using MAMP. I have checked all settings ( Pulse not in a subdirectory) and the htaccess file which was my first thought after searching the web for solutions, but couldn’t find any help.

Exporting the template from Blocs to Pulse works fine, not so for links.

I have also tried to upload a version on my webserver but there I get an Internal server error.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks @dnvie - it looks like there’s a <?php echo $path;?> being added in the links. If you delete that part in the URL on the server does the page load?



To be honest, I spent 2 nights installing and deleting with several attempts but I couldn’t get PULSE running. At the moment I am getting no menu at all - and of course, there was a PHP code in the URL and I couldn’t figure out where that came from.

It is very frustrating given that PULSE is not cheap and was promised to install easy. Not considering my time to get it running.

To be honest, it really works flawlessly on a standard mamp 4 or PHP web hoster. So I guess it is a server configuration issue.

If you could give us your installation details, we can have a closer look.

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Sounds like a config issue @dnvie

There is an installer included already.
Just upload and go to /admin/install.php

Hosting needs to be PHP 5.6 or higher (7 recommended)

And local (MAMP) just put in a folder and run MAMP and go to /subdomain/admin/install.php

It really is that easy so send URLs or if sensitive info, please DM it :slight_smile:

Try Blocs 2.5.1 beta 3. There is added support for Pulse 5. Previous versions of Blocs only support Pulse 4.

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