Bug in demo - menu problem?

Hi, I’m testet demo version and have this problem:

Links from menu are not working correctly - there always are page 404 to see…


Link is generated incorrectly - i.e. root is not correct…for example:

That would be correct:

But: if I delete in the settings q/webso…the whole page does not come any more and I see only texts on white page…

Whoops - that’s an error in the demo version … we’ll update that to the latest BETA of 5.1 and it will then be working again :slight_smile:

But how is Pulse working, when I would buy the latest version (which is offered for downloading)?

I’m still waiting for an answer…
Or when comes fixed version?
I can’t work with it in this version…so I’m waiting for a version without bugs…then I would buy.

Thanks @Rose - it isn’t really a bug

The demo is sometimes a version or so behind release (today demo updated)

But if the menu doesn’t exits after an install:

  1. Login to admin > settings
  2. Manage Navigation
  3. Save Navigation


@Rose the demo has been updated to Pulse 5.1BETA2 which should fix any issues here :slight_smile:

All fine - thank you!

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