Bullets styling in Pulse

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to style the bullets in Pulse (Redactor)?
I would like to:

  • Change the bullet shape - even possibly using a png instead of font bullet
  • Change the bullet colour
  • Adjust the inset

If this can be done via CSS so client doesn’t need to add code all the better.

I’m using Rapidweaver 7 and the Pulse stacks and Localizer Pulse CMS.


Hi Richard, this question has not much to do with Pulse itself. This is a CSS question.
(And no, no way to distinguish bullets in redactor).

Shall only different part of the texts have other bullets, or all?

Cheers, Jannis

Hi Jannis,
I have managed to set colour and shape styling for bullets using Font Pro font styles but the problem is it styles both the bullet and text. Although it gives me the option to use circle, square or disc I would like more shapes if possible.

All I want to do is style the bullet shape and colour not the text as well.

Again, this is a theming question.

As far as I can see the Foundry theme has no option to style bullets.

It does have a bullet list stack but that isn’t really any good for adding a bullet list within a paragraph using Pulse CMS.