Calendar for PulseCMS


Hi there,
I think it would be awesome to have some calendar function in Pulse.
Cheers, Igor


Great idea @panmeri

Calling all developers for a plugin :wink:

Here’s a Block with a static calendar:

Might not be what you had in mind but it’s a start :slight_smile:


Is this still required? We could bring Facebook Calendar / Events integration or something similar?


YES, PLEASE! Preferably Google Calendar integration… It works on a more integrated level on Macs and PCs than FB events. Thanks!


This is a really interesting idea - thanks @ralphlambiase
I guess for now you could embed Google calendars using their embed function but will look at what else is possible - thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:


You’re right. I think I was trying to hitchhike another idea of multiple users contributing to a single calendar timeline. Something like CIFullCalendar.

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