Can config to disable auto add paragraph on blocks

every time i add a block, always create a

and i need it to disable, it’s that posible?

This is something that the inline editor does (Redactor) and not something we have control of I’m afraid.

That said, this is noted and will see if there’s something we can.

Is adding p tags causing particular distress for your site?


Try using Pulse Super Blocks, that way you do have more control over the content of a Block. Pulse will use, in case of SuperBlocks, a very simple text-editor and will not add paragraphs or other stuff. This works also great when you want to add some HTML, CSS, PHP and/or Javascript to a block.

To see the magic you need to change your Block filename.txt into sb_filename.txt

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Go to admin > js > redactor > redactor_options.js
In line 7 change the setting for „paragraphize“ from „true“ to „false“ and see if this does what you want.
It’s not update-safe though, so edit again if you have updated Pulse.

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I always tell users to use shift-enter for a new line and enter for a new paragraph…

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Great tip @Mary :slight_smile:
Not something everyone knows I’m sure!

Found it on a WP-forum…:wink:
I was even thinking of adding a ‘tips’ or ‘help’ button to the pages…even with a link, hmmm

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@mary Your post reminded me that I wrote a simple note tool for Pulse a while ago for a project I was doing where I wanted to add reminders for the client while they were using Pulse. I’ve dug it out and posted it online.

Rather than edit the default Pulse files I created a simple JavaScript boot loader script that only needs adding to a single file and runs after the admin page has loaded. It adds notes to the Pulse user interface as well as a character counter on the page title but you can strip that out quite easily. :slight_smile:


Hi @TimPlumb, I still have to look at it. Downloaded it already. I was thinking of a ‘tips’ or ‘help’ button for the end-users. Might be with a link to some articles online…and written in a way my mother could understand. But the most heard complaint is the shift-enter-thing, maybe I’m gonna set this parararaphrapaphize :laughing: to false, that’s also a good tip @roland.

I may have mentioned before that I wrote a “Clients’s Guide To Pulse” PDF a while ago for a client that outlined everything they needed to know about using the CMS to update their site. Although useful I keep meaning migrate it and incorporate it into Pulse itself so that they can open a browser window and view the help documents without having to look for the PDF.

I know what you mean about the Redactor paragragh tags although I think they are generally welcomed apart from when I’m inserting a Pulse tag. In this instance embedding the plug-in content in a paragraph either looks odd or can break the code. I’m not sure what can be done about that without resorting to super blocks.

A manual would be awesome. We might need a white-label one like the posters we have in the Presskit download, that can also go in here:

There’s just not enough time in the day to get all this done though! :joy::dash:

Oh that would be nice @TimPlumb, I would like to have that too for my clients, in Dutch…so if you have one already, and everybody who is a native speaker makes a translation…? :grinning: I will make the Dutch one!
But now I think about it, offcourse, I can already start with something like that and place it somewhere on tte internet, at the other hand it would be better if all the translations have more or less the same structure…
Or…video tutorials…

Hello, @TimPlumb , please see blog is not functional in the title and may be empty.

Kind Regards

Sorry @ArmendHajdari I’m not sure I follow you. What have I broken now? :slight_smile:

Admin Bootloader, It is not present in Blog Title?

Thanks for that @ArmendHajdari
I’ve updated the script so it now works on blog posts as well.


Fast work @TimPlumb!

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