Cannot log-in to pulse admin dashboard


Hello I kind of having a serious problem. I somehow have messed up my log-in for the admin of one site with pulse. First it did not allow me in with the correct password. I tried another browser and I got in. In the mean time, i requested a new login, the pulse login page told me my password was reset. But I have not recieved a new email with that login. So now I am blocked from login. How can I remedy this?

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Kent Pedersen

Log-in not possible

Thatss happened to me, and I requested site to send new login and it didnt. In the end I downloaded it all via FTP and then set it up again with a new install. Then uploaded all files again.
There may be a better way though.....


Hello jdloudon, Thank you. :slight_smile: What files would I need to upload again?

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