Can't create working gallery in subdirecory

Hey Guys,

I’ve got another problem with an Gallery in an subdirectory (for example home/tree) :
If i insert the gallery tag in the Block which is in the subdirection, the Imgages couldn’t be loaded.

The problem is, that the gallery tag doesn’t recognize that it is in an subdirection, so the image links are incorrect.

Please help me.

What version of Pulse are you running @eltoron?

Better support for galleries in subfolders was added in 4.6.2 :slight_smile:

Ok, i’m running Pulse 4.5.2. Thanks @pulsecms ! I will fix this as soon as i can

I have updated Pulse today to version 4.6.2 but now nothing works anymore :confounded: !
I can’t see any pictures in a gallery right now, but why?
Is it my fault?
Please let me know

If i click on the image in the gallery and let me display the url of the image, the source is always: <?php%20echo%20$path;%20?>/content/media/home/[Name].jpg

It seems to be an error in an config file
Can you help me?

Sure @eltoron - have you set the Path correctly in config file?

Please DM me your config and some FTP details so can take a look :slight_smile:

It worked for me, so thank you again for the hint with the path in the config.php file.

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