Can't delete images that have "&" in the name

hi again,

sadly my customer has a lot of pictures already uploaded and inserted that have "&" in the name. while they are shown and everything works fine, trying to delete them doesnt work. the same happens with german characters, but we are avoiding them anyway. the ampersand would be a good thing to enable, though. can this be done for a next update?

I would recommend only allowing file names containing

a-z, 0-9, _-

So alphanumeric characters, underscore, hyphen.

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yes, it would be great to build in something to not accept the filenames that cannot be handled anyway. otherwise, you can tell customers what you want, at the end it is a CMS and people will try to do god knows what with the content.

I agree, but we have to give customers guidelines about how to use a CMS. There have to be some rules I think.
I know some clients are like "its stupid, why doesnt it just work?"
Well, its a complicated structure, and if you follow the principles it works fine.
If they will not do that then they will have to pay you to delete the files with FTP I guess.

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well yes, but in languages like french and german where you have extended latin characters for everydays words its a little bit hard to make then rewrite words to fit simplified latin. the system not allowing the uploads if it finds special characters would be a great help.

Thanks for bringing this up @squareclouds-design We will see if this can be done in one of our future updates. In the meantime, it's best to follow the recommendation of @instacks as we are currently working on improving the manuals/guidelines that can also be used by the clients.

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