Can't Login/Recover Account

I pre-ordered Pulse 5 back in May and am looking forward to the release. I attempted to login to the website to hopefully download 4.7 in the meantime but the passwords I typically use don’t work. I then attempted to use the Forgot Password feature and when I click the submit button with my email address in the field nothing happens.
Not sure I ever created an account since I bought Pulse back in 2013??? How do I gain access? My Pre-Order was on May 18 if that helps to locate my account.

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Thanks Greg - I’ll do an order lookup with your email and sort this out for you over DM here on the forum :slight_smile:

Awesome response time. Received the link via DM and have it downloaded. Now to learn how to use the Theme features and other options that weren’t in the release I HAD been using.

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Great Greg

This would be a good start for the theme building:

More on here also:

Let us know how you go!

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