Captions in Slider?

I entered a caption in media but it doesn't show on the slider image ( I assume the small text that eventually pops up when hovering over the image is not the caption) I read that it would come in an update.. am I missing something?

Hi @Burnhard the caption should be the text that pops up when you hover over one of the images in the slider. Are you looking to have the caption shown by default at the bottom of the image?

I see... yes I thought a caption is permanent text on a pic, big enough to read, eventually with a transparent background for readabillity.

The Pulse "caption" looks more like the image alt-text that sometimes (sometimes not) pops up when hovering over the pic, more like a tooltip..

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This depends on the gallery integration.

With the Lightbox it appears in the popup and visible on the site but with the slider it is ALT text. We can add more gallery integrations in the future but for now those are as per the integrated libraries.