Card Collection by Ezio

This is a great little add-on that I am just getting to grips with. Thank you very much! test page up here showing what I am doing with it.

I have made the image captions into live links - is there any way to do the same with the image? I know the client will ask for that!

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Great work @jdloudon and another one for the showcase :wink:

@Tarqez might have some comment on that…

Hello @jdloudon,

thank you for appreciating the add-on.

Yes, you can have a clickable image with a little modification on plug-in code.
Open in an text editor the file card-collection.php and search for the string

"<img src='{$myImages->src[$i]}' alt='{$myImages->caption[$i]}'>"

wrap it with A tag

"<a href=""><img src='{$myImages->src[$i]}' alt='{$myImages->caption[$i]}'></a>"

save and test, probably you will also need some css makeup.

Let me know your results

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