Carousel from Blocs app doesn´t show up

I am absolutely new to pulse. Was working with Adobe Muse until now. So not much coding experience and newbie
Yet I started with Blocs and want to combine it with Pulse. I made the first steps and most things are working. But if I export a site as a Pulse5 theme from blocs the carousels (slide shows) are empty. The bloc is there, but no pictures. It is weird, because all the other pictures are on the right place.
thank you

Maybe this is helpfull

Permissions Check
Folders should have at least 755 and files 644 permissions, if the group is the same as the Apache web server. For example, if apache is running as the group www-data, then these files should be readable and writable by the www-group. For directories it should be readable, writable and executable by the www-group.

Folders should have at least 777 and files 666 permissions, if the web server group cant be determined

Other files and folders should be readable by the web server otherwise.

root directory - 0705
content - 0705
content/blocks - 0705
content/blog - 0705
content/media - 0705
content/pages - 0705
pulsecore/storage - 0705
pulsecore/storage/cache - 0705
pulsecore/storage/log - 0705
pulsecore/storage/config.json - 0604
pulsecore/vendor/browscap/browscap-php/resources - 0705
config.php - 0604

Welcome from Adobe Muse! :slight_smile:

Looks like an install error, rather than Blocs integration at this stage.

I can see a few errors from your page:

Couple of things:

  • what PHP version are you running?
  • can you send (DM - message me direct) your logs? Go to settings>extend and download the logs
  • did you run the installer? /admin/install.php


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