Change default blog layout from Masonry

Hi all-

I see there's a default override in JavaScript to change the blog to a Masonry layout. Even if Masonry is false in your Pulse settings, it seems to trigger this.

I'm planning to change this default behaviour so that it only triggers if Masonry is enabled. Masonry is hard to implement for those importing new templates, and more work needs to be done so that it renders perfectly, with right-sizing images, etc.

My guess is some may object to this, so please let me know your thoughts if you object.

The code that overrides the default: pulsecore/asset/js/tag/blog.js

Pulsecore_Tag_Blog.prototype.initialise = function() {
   var self = this;
   jQuery('.grid.flexbox.tag-blog-content-loop.grid .grid-item').addClass( 'pseudo-masonry' );
   // etc..

Hi, not sure if I had noticed this in my sites. But thanks for being on the case.

Yes, I noticed this setting.
I agree with the new solution.

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