Changed title of blog page to news, now posts dont load

I decided to change Blog to News. Now when I click on the menu bar, it loads the page and the posts.
But when I click on a post title I get a a 404 error.
It must be a file path problem, but cant find where?
Appreciate your help.

Did you also change the Blog URL Prefix to “News” under the RSS in settings?

Hi, yes I have. Well I just changed it now, and it made no difference. Made a new post and still not working.
Its not a big deal to just delete the page news and blog and start again but I would like to know how to fix it as I shall be doing this a lot on future installs.

  • Deleting the pages and republishing as you mention is definitely one way to convert it
  • Can also then reset the cache, save the admin settings and it should rewire the links
  • Another way would be to re-run the installer but that will reset other things too

Okay thanks. Have republished the page.

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