Changing permissions breaks install

hi guys,

so i installed a pulse 5.0.2 locally on MAMP. i then uploaded the files and checked with /install.php if everything was ok. the permissions werent right, so i went and changed them (to be honest i dont remember what i had, i think 706)

using filezilla i changed the permissions as suggested, but after that the installation breaks! when i call install.php i get an error, the same by calling the navigation settings

is someone else having these problems as well? i just changed EVERYTHING to 777 with cyberduck and still no luck :confused: so i am not sure that it is a problem with either filezilla nor cyberduck.

The install should auto set the permissions

Is this permissions thing still open? Related to this?

hi michael,

well, it is somehow related, yes. in mamp everything works fine. but i just uploaded the files to the 1&1 server and:

-install.php works the first time, but shows me that folders have 705 and files have 604, and not 755 and 644
-install.php stops working after this! after refreshing or revisiting the page, i get

-the main navigation stops working and disappears
-i can log back in, but in settings, when i try to check whats wrong with the navigation by clicking the button "manage site navigation" i get the following error

i am using the lastest pulse and PHP 7.0. changing permissions with cayberduck/filezilla for all folders (755) and files (644) sadly does not change anything :-/ any ideas?

PS: i just changed everything to 777 right now again (folders and files), but still no luck, i still get both error messages...

dear michael,

feel free to check the back end:

the password is still “demo”

EDIT: i just changed to PHP 7.1 and the errors got shorter, but are still there.

dear michael,

now it happened in MAMP as well… navigation disappeared… and going to the navigation settings or install.php gives me a blank page (php settings of mamp are prob. just not showing the messages). i think it happened after i revisited the install.php page (wanted to check the permissions on my MAMP again)

OK - let me check this out - thanks

Hey @squareclouds-design

I cant replicate this one. The installer checks the permissions only. If you follow the recommendations in there you should be able to have it working. That said, not sure why 5.0 and 5.0.1 were working and 5.0.2 broken.

So either one permission was missed or there’s a bug somewhere.

Error logging has been added for the installer in the usual place in version 5.0.3 so we can now better detect any problem. That has been released today.

I would recommend:

  • download
  • fresh install of all files
  • run the installer

So if problems persist in 5.0.3 after a fresh install then it’s probably worth a look at the Apache error logs to see what this might be.

Please send those along via DM.

More info on the release: