ChilliDog Hosting + Pulse

Looks like ChilliDog doesn't have any more Softaculous installer for Pulse.
And I am not allowed to upload folders that come with the Pulse zip file via Chillidog Hosting file manager.

Do I just take content out of folders and slap everything on the root folder?


Nope, it doesn't work files has same names.

No, files and folder hierarchy must be maintained. If you have a host that does not allow upload of folders then you need a different host.

Thanks! I have submitted a ticket.

Honestly, I've spent days for videos and tutorials and never got past the installation.

I found the solution, I think.
I got it to work with FPT-client.
ChillDog Hosting's own File Manager accepts .zip folders that could be opened after the upload is completed.


Great and good host selection :heart_eyes:

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