Contact form idea from old forum

Hi there.

In the old forum, we spoke about a contact form generator.

Is there any update with this?

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Remember this!

Still on the whiteboard :grin: Not forgotten.

The plan at the moment is to maybe make the included Pulse form a little more dynamic. But for the complexity that you are asking it will be a hosted solution as a developer tool on the Pulse site somewhere. You login and make a form then just paste the embed code (like a youtube video) into your Pulse site and save.

How does that sound?

Hi, for php-forms (without file-upload) I regularly use this (probably old but still good working) php-formgenerator. Only it is in Dutch…it works very well although you want to take out the whole table stuff out, but that is easy to do and you can make the form as fancy as you want to.
Maybe someone can rebuild something like this in English?

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I like the sound of that. The demo form Mary shared would be awesome!

Great share @Mary

I once had a form builder on a project I managed years ago. It has to be drag and drop though - something like:

Otherwise will be too much to handle. Forms are a pain and that share by Mary is awesome.

But mosts users would probably prefer a short snippet embed. Like making forms in Google Forms then just pasting that in?

Personally I don’t like drag and drop formmakers :confused:, I want to see what code I put in my pages, also I like to easily adjust the css…For example, in the Dutch formgenerator the first thing I do is take out the table, rewrite the errortexts, the thankyoutext (that stays on the same page which I like a lot instead of beiing directed to another page) I don’t think, as kpry44 said I believe, end-users want/need to adjust the form once it is made, if they do they will ask the one who made the website.

Here’s another interesting formgenerator, far more options, auto-reply, a google recaptcha, free, but very hard to adjust the css.(Well, maybe I should try again since one learns a lot every day…) And no support… So actually I never use this one…For a little amount you can have a logo removed…

And since I am very much into forms, lets say, the ideal form, I like this site too, got some very good scripts from there

I wrote a Form to mail plug-in for Freeway many moons ago.

The PHP the plug-in creates is a generic form processing script and simply processes the data it gets given. As such it doesn’t do any real validation in the PHP other than checking the email is in a valid format. It also redirects users to either a success or error page depending on the outcome of the processing. This isn’t ideal as the feedback would be best displayed on the form page but it does mean that (especially for Freeway users) you can drop the file into an HTML site without having to integrate the reporting into your form page.

For Pulse I had in mind a page similar to the one Mary showed us that would export a php file and a short code for Pulse. The user would drop the PHP file into the inc/tags directory and simply add the {{short code}} for the form where they wanted it to appear in the site.

You could also do this with a hosted service (much like Wufoo) which would make the integration easier but it becomes a weak link in the chain and could cause all manor of headaches if the site went down.

Interesting topic isn’t it? Maybe we should move this to the lounge bar? :wine_glass: :pizza: :beers:
And another interesting piece of software could be, only for windows though… Costs about 59 euro, once.
So I installed it on an old Dell, made one testform with 2 inputfields and one uploadfield, got the code, and to my surprise it consisted of 6 folders and about 30+ files…:scream:
But I will have a further look at that.
Wufoo seems to be very good, but then you get tied to monthly fees etc…and hosted somewhere else…

Like Mary, I don’t like drag and drop from builders. If you are using pulse, it’s very likely you have more then enough skills to use a code generator, and don’t want to be limited by drag and drop features.

I think a form generator on the pulse page is the way to go. My only want would be to have a recaptcha, or some spam prevention system in place.

Using classes you can keep it simple and still make an huge difference.


class Pusel_Form extends Pulse {
    public function create_form($f = array()) {
        $f = '<form';
        $f .= (isset($f['id']))        ? " id='{$f['id']}'"                       : '';
        $f .= (isset($f['name']))      ? " name='{$f['name']}'"                   : '';
        $f .= (isset($f['class']))     ? " class='{$f['class']}'"                 : '';
        $f .= (isset($f['method']))    ? " method='{$f['method']}'"               : '';
        $f .= (isset($f['action']))    ? " action='{$f['action']}'"               : '';
        $f .= '>';
        return $f;
    public function close_form() {
        $f = '</form>';
        return $f;

$form = new Pusel_Form();
echo $form-create_form(array('id'=>'form_id','name'=>'form_name','method'=>'post','action'=>'/form_process'));
echo $form-close_form();

The action can be some kind of generic function wich saves the contact information or send to your emails.

This can be adapted (i do image) do your template system. You make a page, then add the tags:

{{form id='id_name' name='form_name'}}
{{form_input text='your_name'}}

Great discussion here and good to get the community input!

Will be sure to take this in the best possible direction :slight_smile:

Fixed in 5.0.2! :smiley::+1: Just Forms helps build more powerful forms.