Convert your own templates to Pulse Guide

Based on the two new themes coming in 5.2.3, @sharif has done a fantastic write up of the process with the step-by-step on how to convert your own HTML Bootstrap or other templates to Pulse.

We already have a video and steps in the Manual of what needs to be included, but this is quite a definitive guide:


Learn more :eyes:

The idea is that we decided to convert a couple of templates from StartBootstrap for 5.2.3 and whilst doing this will release a short guide on how to process them so others have a blueprint.

Maybe this will help you guys to convert more and contribute to the community or know the steps to convert your own HTML templates > Pulse for your own projects - either way it should help.

Thanks to @sharif for the great tutorial and for @chad and @jdloudon for the inspiration to doc this more :slight_smile:

Happy Templating in Pulse everyone :zap::star_struck:


Nice work @sharif and thank you :slight_smile:


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