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Just an idea since I guess every site is using cookies nowadays, and since I was told it is really obligatory to have such a page on your site, with only a link to that page in the footer. (Not a pop-up!)
So to add a cookie-policy-page (just like a 404) to pulse with the standard policy-text wich you have to adjust yourself so you can write down the cookies the site is using. Like a browser-selector, share-buttons , google analytics and what not.

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Good idea

For now, use a cookie policy generator - something like:

This could even be a plugin / tag for those who want it :sunglasses:

Yes, that’s a very complete one! Good tip! for clients who want one with a popup.
But acutally I meant only a page with a prefilled sort of general cookie-text that one has to alter/complete here and there. With only a link in the footer, no pop-up. I mean, pulsecms has also cookies built in right?

Good idea with the generator

Any cookies are on the admin side so not sure if it’s still needed for that? :confused: It’s something we can look at adding and easy to add in a footer on the login screen by editing the footer of the admin or index.php

Well, untill a few months I had no idea that I was using cookies that you have to inform people about! Wonder what the penalties would be if you don’t and ’ get caught’…prison ?:astonished:
But offcourse, I have google analytics, a browser selector and an a browser-update plugin standard on every site. So I was really flabbergasted that someone told me that… does every webdesiger know that, I ask myself…? That’s why I thought, might as well have a text standard on every website how ever ‘stupid’ it is. I guess if you don’t want cookies you might as well throw all your devices in rhe trash bin right away.

If we’re talking about the European Cookie Law – yes, every website that uses cookies for analytics or whatever, MUST inform the users by a text on a “cookie bar”, and the user needs to agree by clicking an OK button to make that bar disappear. I don’t think such a ridiculous law exists anywhere else in the world apart from Europe.

:worried: I just won’t place those annoying bars, Europe or not. Just a page with information about cookies the site uses.
I read that it is getting a little less strict though…its crazy for sure.

Annoying, in deed! I hate them, too, those ugly cookie bars or whatever one might call them.

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