Creating a folder on media


when I create a folder on Media, it appends the “.txt” extension to the folder.

For example, I create the folder: toys

Pulse creates the folder: toys.txt

I cant delete that folder from the pulse backend neither, I have to create or delete folders from ftp.

Do you can reproduce this issue?

PD: i saw some users are getting this “feature” too :slight_smile: … I can help to debug if needed.

well… im not an expert coding, but I saw when I write “samplefolder” on the Media, I got this path on the output:

echo $_POST[‘savepath’].$_POST[‘newname’]; (this was the old code from a previous pulse version)

showing …/content/media/samplefolder

but now when the line:

echo $_POST[‘savepath’].$_POST[‘newname’];

is triggered, the creation of the folder is showing this route:


maybe the $storage_filename variable is not set properly… just guessing.

I dont get the issue with the old create.php file or commenting the following line on the new code:

$storage_filename = \str_replace( ‘.txt’, ‘’, $storage_filename ) . ‘.txt’;

this seems to solve this problem for this particular issue, but Im sure this is not the good answer, maybe a place to start.

Great Roberto!
There is still a problem with renaming folders and files in the media.
Pulse is lazy! The answer is: “Unknown extension detected”
Maybe someone finds a solution to renaming the folder and file.

The Pulse Creator, who should, of course, fix all Pulse errors.
Has only one solution = Will be fixed in Pulse5.
They are duty bound
Always fix all mistakes
Customer is entitled to request repair of the product.
Wait for version 5? The customer has already paid, and wants a functional product.
Version 5, is a cat in the air

Im using the previous version files to solve the renaming issue.

Thanks for your detective work @Roberto :male_detective: and will test and look into this.
What version are you using? 4.7? Let me know as will be easier to track down the change…

As for your comments @IvaRo:flushed:

We always welcome bug reports and fix everything we can when we can replicate it… you can see from our track record that we are doing all we can and everything is improving all the time and we respond to feedback. The latest 4.7.1 shows that and version 5 has all feature requests built-in. We :heart:feedback.

Roberto is great and we talk a few times.

And… anyone who has paid and has a dashboard account will of course get these updates and even Pulse 5 for Free.

Plus, Pulse 4.7.1 is an amazingly functional and working product.

I don’t really understand your beef. Please be more constructive.

I’ve always been a dog man myself :dog:

I had installed the latest 4.7.1, but to solve the folder creation and renaming issues im using an older version of pulse for create and modify options (date of those files are 31/08/2015, I replaced the current ones with the old version)

I know some stuff changed, some variables are created on the new version and maybe the conditionals are not evaluating the same now.

My install is on A2 hosting, i can share a folder there to test. Looks like this problem happens to more customers.

Well that would be good because I can’t reproduce it here

Latest version 4.7.1 on shared hosting looks fine:

Can you try that?

Hello Michael, I sent you a ftp account with a clean pulse install for testing.

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I have the same problem on 4.7.1 - can’t create folders through the Pulse Interface, have to use FTP

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Thanks guys

OK @Roberto - I can see it now in your example. Interesting!
Let me do some testing then will update a fix a soon as we can.

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Thanks @Roberto and @Raimo for helping with bug fixes for this… Pulse 4.7.2 is now here and pushed to the dashboards to download :slight_smile: :dizzy:

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But I got some issue on my dashboard: could not open the file.

Maybe I tried to get it too fast :slight_smile:

Yup, download link doesn’t work…

Try it again… could be server cache :slight_smile:

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link works now! Thanks!

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