Custom Error 404 Page

Using pulse 5 and when going to an unavailable link the website shows a blank page rather than the error 404 page.

My usual process for a custom 404 page is either added through cpanel or creating the html page and adding the redirect in htaccess. Both options don’t change the result and I always get a blank white page.

Any ideas on how we can direct to the 404 page in pulse 5?

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I get a 404 in headline and then below that Page Not Found
So the system is generating one but I cannot find where.

Thanks @Dan_p

In the demo in Pulse there's a page called "404":

As @jdloudon mentions below - this appears when you go to a wrong link. You can edit this page to change the text, add links, images - whatever you like!

Looks like this in default mode:

If your site is not directing to the 404 you can add the redirect in htaccess but usually that's not necessary.

But it's most likely please make sure that page exists first is the most likely issue!

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Thanks for the info, that has helped and managed to fix the issue.

Page was not present so I have added in the page along with a template so I can redirect back to the home page.

All working, thanks for your help .