Dashboard Showing My Account as Free User

Can someone change my account status? I can’t download anything because it says I have a free account, even though I paid for a Pulse 5 upgrade this summer. :frowning:

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Hi, @vwatson

Soon I believe this will be regulated, @pulsecms will see where the work is.

Kind Regards,

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Sorry about this @vwatson :frowning: All fixed up!

You’ll get Pulse 5 as soon as it ships (including the BETA) :slight_smile:

My account also seems to be a ‘free’ account, but I’m a paying pulse4 customer with >10 licenses.
Also, there are lots of buttons for upgrading to Pulse5 on my dashboard, but I can’t find a download link for Pulse 4 latest version. I hope this is a glitch, because it would seem unfair if I’m forced to upgrade to Pulse 5 in order to get updates for Pulse 4.

Thanks Brian for your message here and in 3 other places - I’ve emailed you a copy of 4.7.2

No one is forced to upgrade to Pulse 5 and all Pulse 4 users get 4.7.2 for FREE of course.