Deprecation messages

I'm just looking to install Pulse CMS Core/'The Demo version' on MAMP.

I'm getting a bunch of PHP deprecation messages messing up the page. I feel like this isn't supposed to happen?

Screenshot 2024-04-22 at 4.11.19 PM

It occurs to me that it might be useful to say something about my PHP version.

It's PHP 8.2.0

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I don't understand what you are trying to tell me.

That link doesn't appear to have any information, or lead to any information, that is relevant to what I'm asking.

If there is a specific page that would help someone resolve out-of-the-box deprecation errors while using Pulse CMS with PHP 8.2.18, I would really appreciate a direct link.

A quick way to hide the messages is to search for:


and replace it with:

\error_reporting( \E_ALL ^ (\E_NOTICE | \E_WARNING | \E_DEPRECATED ) );

They appear in the files:

  1. your_pulse_root\index.php
  2. your_pulse_root\admin\install.php
  3. your_pulse_root\admin\inc\gal-sort.php
  4. your_pulse_root\admin\inc\tracker.php
  5. your_pulse_root\admin\inc\dashboard\download-zip.php
  6. your_pulse_root\pulsecore\bootstrap.php
  7. your_pulse_root\pulsecore\standalone\sb_login\plugin.php
  8. your_pulse_root\pulsecore\tags\email-list.php
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Thank you. I shall give that a go.

Kind of worries me, though, that the solution could be that simple, and yet it's a fellow user telling me this some 11 days after I first posted.

Where are the devs/owners? Is this product even still alive? I'd be a crying shame if it's been left to die!

(Oh, and now a bunch of 502 errors while replying! headdesk)

Glad I could help. There might be more issues, but in general, replacing the error_reporting() parameters should work.

I also agree about the state of the script. I like the idea, but between the lackluster communication and lack of updates.. It's scary.

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