Display image titles on mouseover

Hi, this may well be more of as general CSS question than a Pulse one, but I thought I would start here. The deal is that on my test site here: https://www.laluz.me/

I have several different ways of presenting things: on the gallery page here:

when you hover over an image, the title is displayed. This is just using standard Pulse Lightbox gallery.
Now I would like to have the same effect on other non gallery pages such as this:

This page is just made with two blocks side by side. I have entered a title for the images on the left block, but they show up below the image and not on top as I would like.
Anyone able to help out with this?
It would be very much appreciated.]

Edit the code.
Paste in the tag (<a title = "Studio").
For example:

<figure><a title="Studio" href="/studio"><img src="/content/media/featured_images/studio.jpg" class="mousy" data-image="1578496989" alt="Studio"></a></figure>


Ah, to the rescue again my friend, many thanks :slight_smile:

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