Drip content and custom payment gateway for a Pulsed membership site?

Is there a way to drip content in a membership site built on pulse? This feature is mandatory for any membership platforms and i would like to see how Pulse can be enhanced in that direction.

The same goes for the plethora of payment gateways available. How complex is the process of adding a new gateway? I am looking at using ThriveCart as the payments solution, as they have some flexibility in connecting with membership sites - https://webactix.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/202447588-ThriveCart

Thaks @dan

For the dripping…interesting. Drip email campaign?
We have a plugin for Mautic Marketing Platform ready but it’s not released yet.

More on Mautic - https://www.mautic.org/
More on Mautic drips - https://www.mautic.org/marketing-automation-software/drip-marketing-campaign/

As for ThriveCart, not heard of this one before. Looks not too difficult to integrate. Maybe can be done with modals and links using their built-in embeds?

Let us know here how it goes

Hi Michael,

not email dripping, i am thinking about content dripping based on the user signup date in a membership site behind your membership Add-on.
Great angle with the modal cart, will test and update here.
Its ok to customize your Members Add-on in order to achieve this?

Oh righto!

Sounds good. That functioanlity is not built in so you’ll have to make it all yourself I’m afraid :frowning:

That will be quite a task. Maybe if you build it, you could release it as a Pulse addon :wink:

But you’re free to extend it as much as you can.


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