Edit CSS Within Pulse

Hi, I would like to know if you could add the function to edit CSS files within Pulse. I’m using Pulse and Rapidweaver. My client is looking to add a class page displaying all of their classes and would like the ability to hide the classes that are not in season. I was thinking that I could lay it out like this:

#class1 {display: none;}
#class2 {display: none;}

If you have another way I can perform this function using Pulse on the backend I’m all ears.

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Thanks @Unluckytoe

In the admin settings you can add custom CSS:

Or if you want to allow them to this per page they can do that in the META drawer of the page:

Maybe a good idea would be give them a crib sheet of all the classes then they can paste into one of these (depending on the setup) the classes they want to hide?


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