Edit pre-made site with Pulse

Hi all,
I have made a static site on my test server just to test out Pulse.
the URL is https://mintrain.co.uk
I've uploaded Pulse to the root directory on Ionos.co.uk where all my sites are hosted.
I can log into the admin section no problem but I can't figure out how to make any changes to my site.

I followed the 'Uploading a Template' guide from Pulse about converting the html into their layout.php file. But it doesn't seem like I've done it right.
Can anyone help? To clarify, the site is already made, written from scratch in HTML and CSS using the Brackets app on Mac.

thanks, Jack

Thanks for letting us know about the issue you encountered, @idasu. To start with, can you email me a copy of your error logs at paul@pulsecms.com? It can be found in your Admin panel, Account > Debug info then Debug info Download.

I've sent logs. I think biggest issue is my set up using the php tags in and .

Thanks @idasu, I got it!

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