Edit Pulse Stack Rapidweaver

I have an old blog that uses a Pulse stack in Rapidweaver. I cannot for the life of me remember how to access it to edit it. There are a number of unwanted comments I need to delete.

Thanks for any help.

Hi there,
Is it a Pulse 4 or Pulse 5 installation?
Remember you have to edit the blog inside the Pulse Dashboard.

I think it is pulse 4 stack that is added in Rapidweaver. I am not sure how I access the blog to edit it though...

Sorry, I am unaware of these. The official Pulse 4 stacks look different.


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How were the comments added? If Disqus then you can delete them from there?

Oh I see it's not Disqus...

Like here:

  • Can you post a blog post page with example of unwanted comments?
  • Are the comments stored in the Contents folder?

This a really old version so need to double check things..