Editor Insert Images - No Folders?

In the Pulse Media Manage, I have folders set up for the site images, however when editing a block with the wysiwyg editor and using the image icon to insert an image, those folders do not appear. All the images are grouped together.

This is a small site, so not a huge deal, but it would be nice if that same folder structure could appear when inserting images via the editor.

Thanks for the feature request @vwatson - at the moment it does just display all the images so we’ll see if that’s possible with the current Editor

You could do that with the RichFilemanager but needs some code changes. Maybe something for 5.03 :wink:


Wow. That looks really nice. How would that integrate with Pulse?

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Maybe not possible with image manager currently from Redactor 3:

We’ll keep an eye on this as Redactor evolves