Editor Role not able to manage/upload media


I noticed that the "editor" user in the CMS can not upload pictures in the Media library.
What am i missing or doing wrong? When you push 'upload' it brings you back to the dashboard.

Administrator role works just fine.


Yeah, I am seeing the same thing - in latest version anyway. This means I hhave to give Admin login for clients - which is not ideal.
I have mentioned this to devs and not heard back. Its clearly a new bug.

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I hope they fix these small things. (Not starting with the shop for the moment. There is a lot to be done there to make it EU friendly but still)

The CMS feels so close to be perfect at this point.

Its frustrating. Every few months I think - Thats it, I am done with Pulse - time to move on - but I find nothing else that is as sleek and easy to use.
The situation seems to be sort of half baked. I know that Michael has some new people on the team but it all still seems a bit wonky. The level of support sometimes seems like something we could expect from a free product, not a paid one like this.


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