Editor to edit my videos ,can anyone help me out?


I would be grateful for some assistance . I am trying to export a video shot with a cell phone in portrait mode. When I export it, there are black bars all around the video, top & bottom & both sides.
I did not see a profile with a portrait resolution so I created my own by simply changing 1280x720 to 720x1280. This works, however, I have a static watermark image in my video and it exports weird, it’s the wrong size and not in the right place. Clearly I’m not doing this right.Is there any guidance somewhere on working with portrait explainer videos.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

Your videos are displayed in the size of 590x332 px.
Picture 1.

Modify aos.css on line 353.

.aos-init iframe {
width: 100%;

You can disable or change to

.aos-init iframe {
width: 590px;

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