Eliminate base64_decode madness?

Hi, I’m in the process of updating a client’s pulse installation—but in the new version I noticed several files with base64_decode in them!? (the whole index.php, not just a data-uri)
I guess you must have a good reason for that … but I couldn’t come up with a single one, would love to hear the reasoning behind this. So far, I have only ever seen that on cracked websites, people trying to cover their tracks; never from a proper CMS. It sure looks fishy and certainly makes understanding and tweaking the CMS a lot more cumbersome.
It even says “Along with complete unobfuscated codebase” on https://upgrade.pulsecms.com/business.html
But the licence (in config.php) doesn’t seem to un-obfuscate the source. I mean, it’s not like this would prevent anyone from getting to the source—just makes it more complicated for legitimate users. Any chance of removing that cruft? TIA

Update to 4.7 please

Thanks, but it is 4.7.
Is the licence supposed to un-obfuscate the code or is an unobfuscated version sent to the licence holder?
But still—what is the reason for the obfuscation in the first place?

Thanks @born2webdesign - that’s the direction we took in 4.6 and 4.7

4.7 Club version (as you referenced in that link: https://upgrade.pulsecms.com/business.html) and all future versions are un-obfuscated but require a subscription to download that version.

It will be great to have you onboard but if you want to keep your current license then you’ll have to make do with that version as it is.

Let us know if anymore questions!

Thanks Michael. So, I take it, an older licence (?3.x) would not suffice?

BTW, not sure the name “Pulse Cloud Business” was the best choice, seeing as it is a self-hosted solution :wink:
(We are self-hosting, just the “Cloud” in there threw me off, at first.)

Yes you are right @born2webdesign on both of those!

There’s an email going out right about now… mentioning a name change to “Pulse Club” and also a new page going up in a few days.

There was a lot of confusion about it :wink:

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No longer an issue in latest version!