Embedding Pulse tags/plugins in Rapidweaver

Okay - I’m trying to embed the “Google Maps” Pulse plugin found here into a Rapidweaver/Pulse CMS site page here

  • I have downloaded the plugin and dropped it into the “inc/tags” folder
  • but where do I put the Pulse tag? {{googlemaps:address=brooklyn children’s museum-new york-usa}}?


Hi Raimo,

tags are currently not supported in a RW site.


That’s disappointing.

Follow up question:

  • Will tags be supported? Even maybe in a “Superblock” or something?

I have about 50 Rapidweaver websites I am trying to move over to a CMS this year, and several new websites I am building that I want to go directly to a CMS. I am heavily invested in the Rapidweaver ecosystem (100’s of stacks, a ton of themes, etc.) and am trying to use that as my “starting point” for everything, so i don’t have to start fresh with new software, or “website building” systems. I have been using Rapidweaver for years, I know it inside/out, and am trying to stay there (for now…). Blocs for instance looks good, but I don’t want to reinvest from scratch, or “learn it”, if I can help it. I do want to start “moving away” from Rapidweaver, so I like the Pulse integration as a start.

I have tried all the “Rapidweaver friendly” CMS’s - and have live sites right now in pretty much all of them. Currently my 2 faves are Pulse and Armadillo - but I like that Pulse has it’s own “ecosystem” of addons, and doesn’t need a mySQL database. Armadillo does currently have a few neat things Pulse doesn’t have - better blogging, “onsite editor” and “User Roles” - BUT it is locked to Rapidweaver, needs a mySQL database, and the developer of Armadillo seems to be slowly leaving Rapidweaver as well…


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Yes, that is my plan. No eta so far.

Excellent! Moving on to site #3 in Pulse!


Great @Raimo - be good to see some of these for the showcase :slight_smile:

User Roles coming in Pulse 5 and better blogging too (blog tags for categorising posts) :slight_smile:

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